Attorney David G. Christoffersen is available to speak to your group or club about a range of legal issues, including:
  • Business
  • Criminal
  • Estate Planning & Administration
  • Intellectual Property
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate
  • Traffic Cases

Some Examples

Teen drivers are typically not well informed about the risks they face or the responsibilities they assume when they get behind the wheel of an automobile. As a former assistant prosecutor, Attorney David G. Christoffersen knows what the issues are and can communicate with authority to youthful drivers and their parents about traffic cases and criminal liability.
Small business owners may not understand their legal exposures, and may not know where to go for reliable information. Attorney David G. Christoffersen has advised many small business owners on a wide range of legal matters. He is available to speak with clubs, associations, and networking groups regarding the legal aspects of starting and running a business, as well as what business owners should know about estate planning & administration.
First-time home buyers probably don't realize that the "listing agent" represents the seller's interests, not theirs, that realtors and title companies may not give legal advice, and that every realtor-prepared contract leaves something to be desired. The sellers (who may be told by the listing agent that they don't really need an attorney) probably don't realize that they must come to closing with some or all of the following: a clear Certificate of Occupancy; a smoke detector certificate; a chimney certificate; a well certificate; a Deed in recordable form; an Affidavit of Title; an I.R.S. Form 1099; a mortgage payoff statement. Attorney David G. Christoffersen has handled many real estate transactions, and so can speak from experience - personal as well as professional - to buyers, sellers, and realtors about the potential pitfalls inherent in real estate transactions.
Families often need help with a wide range of estate planning and elder law issues. Attorney David G. Christoffersen has a Masters Degree in Tax Law from Georgetown University Law Center. He is available to speak with clubs, associations, and church and community groups about estate planning & administration issues.