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Sunday, April 24, 2005 11:00 PM

Even if charged with only a traffic violation or disorderly persons offense, you have certain Constitutional Rights. You have the right to plead "not guilty." You have the right to a trial where the State must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You have the right to call witnesses on your behalf. You have the right to cross examine the State's witnesses. You have the right to obtain "discovery"; i.e., a list of the State's witnesses and copies of documents having any tendancy to prove either your guilt or your innocence. You also have the right to examine any tangible things in the State's possession having such a tendancy.


And you have the right to be represented at each stage by an attorney. The State is represented by an attorney - the prosecutor. The prosecutor represents the State' s interests, not yours. Who represents your interests when you are charged with an offense?


Loss of driving privileges, DMV points, DMV surcharges, insurance surcharges, cancelation of insurance, fines, court costs, and sometimes even incarceration can result from a traffic violation. Incarceration, community service, fines, court costs, a criminal record, loss of the right to own or possess firearms, loss of employment, loss of the right to vote, loss of driving privileges, and other consequences can result from a criminal conviction.


New Jersey Court Rules permit plea bargaining, even in the municipal courts (exceptions: DWI and drug offenses in municipal court). Attorney David G. Christoffersen will investigate the charges against you and help you negotiate the best possible plea bargain, or defend you at trial.


If you live outside of New Jersey and are charged in New Jersey with a traffic or disorderly persons offense, David can even help you resolve the charges without your having to return to New Jersey.


Attorney David G. Christoffersen is a former Somerset County Assistant Prosecutor. He has criminal trial experience in New Jersey Superior Court, more than 20 years experience in New Jersey's municipal courts, and experience in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas and Pennsylvania district courts.

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